EXPLORE A 3d world

“   One of the most meaningful steps for the engineering world was the transition from hand-held representation to computer work.
    The jump from 2D to 3D is just as important.“

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BIM – The single answer to Your engineering needs.
Through tehnological innovation BIM is an ever improving method of civil engineering.
It offers:

• Unmatched accuracy

BIM is the future of civil engineering now. By allowing for more precise calcualtions for the the necessary materials, it minimizes building costs, while improving quality. 

• Error minimization

By minimizing errors, BIM reduces the time needed to complete projects, allowing you to meet deadlines with greater ease.

• Better visualization

One vizualization is worth more than a thousand words. Blending ideas with results allows for better communication and udnesrtanding between engineers, architects, and investors

3D Architecture

Direct results for a more competitive market.
BIM is the ever adapting method to the needs of the customer.

Structural planning

We use BIM to create your position, formwork and reinforcement plans.
The exchange of information is done per Internet. We receive the architectural plans by email. On this basis we create the 3D model.

The next step is to create the position and formwork plan.
Based on the statics sent by you, the 3D reinforcement and the reinforcement plans are created.

At each stage of the project we are available to update the changes.


3D Schalung


Prefabrication Planing

In recent years it is getting more popular to create reinforced concrete precast plans. Different elements are created as foundations, columns, beams, ceilings, walls or stairs in residential buildings, etc.