3D-Bewehrung Büro Bulgarien

Why should you chose us?

♦ We create 3D reinforcement. It supports the accuracy and precision of our plans. Therefore, the potential problems on the construction site are drastically reduced.

♦ We work with BIM software, which makes exchanging information very quick and easy.

♦ We always complete our projects on time and with the highest quality.

♦ We adapt to the wishes and requirements of the respective client.

♦ Because of outsourcing, you get the same quality of work but at a better price.

3D BIM 3d Bewehrung Buro Bulgarien

3D-Bewehrung Büro Bulgarien (3D-3B)

We are a team of civil engineers who are very interested in what's new in the construction world. That's why we've taken on the challenge of 3D reinforcement for years. Since then, we have developed it as our main working method. Our customers are based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We take into account the individual working style of each partner. Our projects are completed precisely and on time. The quality that our partners are used to can be delivered at better prices through outsourcing.